Titanium Pendant created by TATIAS exclusive skills. TATIAS Pendant is well known for skills that are impossible to imitate in nation and high stand of quality. Luxury and antique style only titanium can make..available to express various types of style.

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We provide the best alloyed ELI titanium products (Grade5/ Durable 6AL-4V). For all of our products, unique inner surface processing techinique also known as the Inner Comfort Fit) is applied. Unlike third-party products inner surface is also polished to give users with better fit.
And TATIAS Diamond uses natural white diamonds(G/Si and over, EGL Standard) which are certified by EGL, one of the top three Diamond Certificates(HRD,EGL,GIA). And for customers who want various range of colors of diamonds, we are using EGL Fancy Color Diamonds(G/Si EGL Standard) that can satisfy you with best quality and price.

TATIAS Titanium jewelry is already popular in America and also Europe. Not like Asia(Gold-preferred cultural area), it is one of the classic jewelry item. Europe which gives priority to individuality than stereotype, the eternity of titanium ring is greatly loved and used for engagement or wedding ring. They call titanium 'Metal of diamond' and recognize that it is above gold. Also it is quite expensive. Titanium is completely harmless to the human body and used to make artificial joints and bones in medical field. It has very strong and light features with no erosion or discoloration so it can also bear the salt water. Also it doesn't cause allergies,corrosion or discoloration, so it is perfect for people who has sensitive skin.

TATIAS Titanium Jewelries are born at the end of the countless effort and it will enhance your dignity.

□ TATIAS titanium rings will not react with wearers who suffer allergies to other jewelry materials such as 14K gold.
□ TATIAS titanium jewelry is made of the same ELI titanium that is used for medical applications. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic to human body.
□ Titanium is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion therefore suitable to wear with no activity limitation.
□ Because each TATIAS ring is optimally designed with TATIAS Advanced True Inner Comfort Fit, you will not only feel comfortable wearing it but also admire its line of beauty you can only find in luxury items.
□ Recognized for its high strength and resistance, titanium is called "The Diamond of Metals".
□ Due to its high strength and everlasting properties, titanium has become popular as a jewelry material for engagement and wedding bands.
□ Titanium has its own look and style distinctly different from gold. TATIAS aspire on this worldly trend for retrained yet abundant beauty of titanium.
□ Laser Engraving : We pride ourselves on our engraving service which is of the highest quality provided by high-end luxury retail shops.



has been selected as the respresentative jeweler in Korea for B2B and B2C by JoongAng Daily, Sports Seoul, Yahoo, Korean Model Association.     

While Titanium is being used in a wide and diversified range of industry, it is important to note that titanium is available in several different grades. TATIAS Titanium jewelry is the only jeweler in Korea that crafts titanium jewelry with titanium alloy, the same grade of titanium that is used in surgery and medicine. When compared with Durable 6AL-4V, ELI Durable 6AL-4V is higher in price, of better quality, and more biocompatible. Ti6Al4V, the type we use to make our jewelry at TATIAS, is proven for its biocompatibility.ASTM B348(Durable 6AL-4V, aka Ti 6-4) is the most commonly used alloy among jewerly manufacturers. It has a chemical composition of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium and is mostly used for industrial purposes. Although Ti 6-4 features excellent mechanical properties, it is not suitable for surgeries or biomedical implants. Use of Ti 6-4 for any medical purpose is prohibited by Korea MFDS (Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), U.S. FDA, and Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare). In the medical industry, Grade 2 titanium with moderate strength or Grade 4 titanium which offers greater strength is more commonly used. TATIAS ELI Titanium is Grade5/Durable 6AL-4V which is widely used for biomedical implants and sugical tools for its excellent biocompatibility. TATIAS is proud to provide our customers with such quality products that are designed for safety and comfort of people.

In response to increasing demand for our products, TATIAS opened up a second manufacturing facility to maintain the quality level, deliver products faster, and better to serve our customers.


TATIAS's first priority is to satisfy every customers in customer's point of view.
Lifetime Warranty Service is our ground rule.
Every TATIAS Titanium Products have their own 'Unique Product Number' and allows lifetime warranty service.
There is no expiration date of warranty service so you can get your service anytime at customer service center(82-2-365-3372 [extenstion #2]) without interruption regardless of time or day.