Titanium | TATIAS is jewelry brand including titanium rings and titanium couple rings.

Titanium is already quite familiar to us.

Nowadays, it is used in glasses frames, golf clubs, tennis rackets, watches, cameras, hiking supplies, building materials including artificial joints, artificial bone, wheelchairs and other medical equipment that are highly related to our lives.

Titanium is about 1/4 lighter than gold and has stronger strength and corrosion resistance than any other metal . It started 60 years ago when titanium was treated this way. It is cheaper than gold but difficult to handle and process, significantly high price metal. There were lots of attempts to make ring with this metarial, and experienced trial and errors. However, TATIAS strengthen the strength of titanium and released titanium ring at last.

Titanium jewelry specialist TATIAS is working hard to develop not only rings but pendants or bracelets, widening our titanium product line through creativity and challenging spirit.

Titanium jewelry is usually gunmetal gray, tinged with little darker than platinum color and cheaper than platinum. So it has lots of potential to lead jewelry industry and its beauty is highly competitive with gold or silver rings. Also used in medical field, titanium is available who has sensitive reaction to metals, and its wearable designs get along with any fashion styles. Also titanium has high corrosion resistant so there is no corrosion and discoloration by sweat or salt water. It is semi-permanent.
TATIAS Titanium Couple Ring Because of these advantages, it is becoming popular to open-minded jewelry enthusiasts and through the movie "The Abyss," "Charlie's Angels 2", it is slowly recognized in Korea.

Already called as 'metal of the diamond' in western countries, it is beloved in Austria, Switzerland, Europe and the United States and because of its robustness and eternity, they are usually used in engagement or wedding rings. Nowadays they are launched in New Zealand, Canada, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and other Asian markets, which are traditionally gold cultural area.

Compared to normal jewelry, Titanium Jewelry is hard to manufacture and adjust the size, especially it has no cashability. So most of the companies were not interested. But in other countries, it was recognized as eco-friendly, durable high-tech material, so demands increased and took place in a field of jewelry.

In Korea, design is getting important when choosing a product, and customers who want unique items are growing so the possibility of new material products demand is high. And as you see, titanium jewelry is especially luxury items in other countries, so we think that market possibility is also high. To manufacture new material products, high technical skills are required, so the future is bright for high-valued exporting goods.
Titanium Introduction
TATIAS ELI Titanium Alloys
TATIAS :: ELI Titanium Alloys JewelryWhile Titanium is being used in a wide and diversified range of industry, it is important to note that titanium is available in several different grades. TATIAS Titanium jewelry is the only jeweler in Korea that crafts titanium jewelry with titanium alloy, the same grade of titanium that is used in surgery and medicine.

When compared with Durable 6AL-4V, ELI Durable 6AL-4V is higher in price, of better quality, and more biocompatible. Ti6AL4V, the type we use to make our jewelry at TATIAS, is proven for its biocompatibility. ASTM B348(Durable 6AL-4V, aka Ti 6-4) is the most commonly used alloy among jewerly manufacturers. It has a chemical composition of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium and is mostly used for industrial purposes Although Ti 6-4 features excellent mechanical properties, it is not suitable for surgeries or biomedical implants.

Use of Ti 6-4 for any medical purpose is prohibited by Korea MFDS (Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), U.S. FDA, and Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare). In the medical industry, Grade 2 titanium with moderate strength or Grade 4 titanium which offers greater strength is more commonly used.
TATIAS ELI Titanium is Grade5/Durable 6AL-4V which is widely used for biomedical implants and sugical tools for its excellent biocompatibility. TATIAS is proud to provide our customers with such quality products that are designed for safety and comfort of people.
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)
TATIAS Anodizing Titanium | Color Inlay Titanium
Color anodizing sample Color Anodizing Titanium Ring is TATIAS new product, an outcome of our efforts finding the ways to express unique style in only gold or white jewelries. There are 30 kinds of colors in RGB standard.
Approx. 30 Kinds  
Patented with its unique and vivid color, TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring process (Anodizing) treatment in standard titanium ring.

Anodizing is a technique that forms thin oxide layer on the surface of the metal to improve corrosion-resistance, and dye in the color on the surface while processing. It is already used in various fields and proved its safety used by piercings, filters and dental implants and others' material.
TATIAS Color Inlay Titanium Ring Unlike others, Anodizing technique which TATIAS possesses makes high definition of color.

All TATIAS titanium rings are available to color, except titanium rings launched with gold and silver material options. Gold or silver color is not enough for people to express their uniqueness and style, and customers who are eager to express their identities are increasing. These aspects will lead to our TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring.
TATIAS Color Inlay Titanium Ring  
We will do our best to become a specialized Titanium Jewelry Brand TATIAS pursuing modernity and challenging spirit.