TATIAS Anodizing Titanium | Color Inlay Titanium
Color anodizing sample Color Anodizing Titanium Ring is TATIAS new product, an outcome of our efforts finding the ways to express unique style in only gold or white jewelries.
There are 30 kinds of colors in RGB standard.
Approx. 30 Kinds  
Patented with its unique and vivid color, TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring process Anodizing treatment in standard titanium ring.
Anodizing is a technique that forms thin oxide layer on the surface of the metal to improve corrosion-resistance, and dye in the color on the surface while processing. It is already used in various fields and proved its safety used by piercings, filters and dental implants and others' material.
TATIAS Color Inlay Titanium Ring Unlike others, Anodizing technique which TATIAS possesses makes high definition of color. All TATIAS titanium rings are available to color, except titanium rings launched with gold and silver material options.
Gold or silver color is not enough for people to express their uniqueness and style, and customers who are eager to express their identities are increasing. These aspects will lead to our TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring.
TATIAS Color Inlay Titanium Ring  
We will do our best to become a specialized Titanium Jewelry Brand TATIAS pursuing modernity and challenging spirit.
TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium | Popularity In Europe
 TATIAS Titanium jewelry is already popular in America and also Europe.

Not like Asia(Gold-preferred cultural area), it is one of the classic jewelry item. Europe which gives priority to individuality than stereotype, the eternity of titanium ring is greatly loved and used for engagement or wedding ring. They call titanium 'Metal of diamond' and recognize that it is above gold. Also it is quite expensive.
Black titanium ring is the most popular color in Color Anodizing Titanium rings of all over the world.

The first time when titanium ring were shown in Italy Jewelry show, many people admired the ring and said this will outtake gold or silver. It got popular when Hollywood stars wore and used as a prop in the movies.
TATIAS Black Titanium Ring As titanium ring take over the European market, it is slowly evolving. Its first try was colored titanium jewelry and when it was indicated, many people were interested and got popular since. It was perfect material that can express European's uniqueness and the color was beautiful enough to express their needs.
As Koreans are getting to think one's personality seriously, titanium rings will get popular and TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium ring will be in center of the popularity.
TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium | Properties
The advantage of our TATIAS titanium rings is you can save your health while expressing your charm.
TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring is patented in color anodizing and available to make 30 kinds of colors in RGB standard.
Also it is anodized to be harmless and intensify durability and corrosion-resistance.

It can resist corrosion at the summer beach or detergent which are corrosives, so you can enjoy your daily life with your ring. And titanium material generates anion to help you stay healthy.
We inhale cationized air in our city life.

Cation and anion level should be in same anion, cationized air makes more pollution in the air.

Titanium generates anion and make the balance in air, effects positively on human health.
TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium | Coverage Limit
If you want bulk order in Color Anodizing, minimum order is 300ea. (Based on color regardless of model or size)

TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring  Personal customers can order a ring in various colors of Color Agonized Titanium Rings and it takes approximately 5 ~ 20 days to receive.
Color anodizing items are titanium jewelry, titanium rings, titanium couplings, titanium pendants and so on.
TATIAS Color Anodizing Titanium Ring Sample  
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