TATIAS maintains the highest brand awareness among professional titanium jewelers in South Korea.
Renowned for its exquisite titanium jewelry craftsmanship, TATIAS titanium jewelry is being exported to 30 different countries around the globe.

TATIAS is the only company who is running titanium related jewelry chain stores in South Korea. TATIAS takes time to develop and bring products to market. Each and every piece of TATIAS titanium jewelry must be fit tested before declared fit for sale. Products are brought to market only after they are fit tested on for early identification of problem. When you wear TATIAS product, it will feel as if it were part of your body TATIAS products are being proved to be more comfortable than those of any other jewelry brands worldwide. Our mission is to manufacture top quality products that fully satisfy our customers. In fact, we go to great lengths to produce products with great care and flawless details. We will not sacrifice quality for lower prices.
Awards and Recognition
Grand Prize for jewelry franchising business section from Sports Daily
Power Brands award for customer satisfaction from Economics JungAng
Best Titanium Jewelry Partner for B2B and B2C from Simmani, Yahoo, and Sports Seoul.
Best Titanium Jewelry Business from JungAng Newspaper
Designated as the respresentative jeweler by Hajai
Official sponsor for a preview of a film "April Snow"
TATIAS is the official sponsors for VIBE, Clazziquai Live and Korean Model Association.
In addition, partner relationships with number of major domestic jewelry suppliers.
TATIAS has been selected as the respresentative jeweler in Korea for B2B and B2C by JoongAng Daily, Sports Seoul, Yahoo, Simmani, and Hajai.  
TATIAS is now leading the titanium jewelry trend in South Korea. We specialize in customer orders to provide our customers with unique products.

Currently we are producing 30~40% for domestic sale and exporting 60~70%. However, in the future we'll be adjusting our product line equally for domestic and exports.
We have foreign partners worldwide and are exporting region-specified products.

We have foreign buyers from U.S, Japn, Gmermany, Canada, Singapore, Pakistan, the Middle Eastern countries, Netherlands and more. We focus on exporting our products rather than OEM outsourcing.

Whilst we have a wide selection of jewelry, we also offer custom-made jewelry in whatever design you desire.
TATIAS is proud to be the only jeweler in Korea whose entire jewelry collection can be customized based on your preference of metal type including titanium, gold, and silver.
(Continuing our 1st manufacturing factory, we have now opened our 2nd manufacturing factory to offer to maintain the quality level, deliver products faster, and better serve our customers.)

Each product is given an unique product number for identification. We provide the best alloyed ELI titanium products (Grade5/ Durable 6AL-4V).
For all of our products, unique inner surface processing techinique also known as the Inner Comfort Fit) is applied.
Unlike third-party products inner surface is also polished to give users with better fit.

Our mission is to provide top quality products that will fully satisfy our customers.

We provide lifetime warranty for all of our products.
Our lifetime warranty service is available 24/7 all year around. Please contact our customer service at 82-2-365-3372 for any problems with your product.

We all dream of becoming a trend/style leader.
TATIAS is constantly, even at this very moment, working to develop new products with designs that will reflect the latest trend.
TATIAS is always devoted to keeping our promise to customers.
In return for your constant support, we'll continue to do our best to provide you with the highest quality products and services.
Thank you.

TATIAS Overseas